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"Michelle's genuine concern for her client is very apparent in her desire to constantly stay abreast of the latest equipment and training. I believe that the state of the art equipment she uses along with her technique expertise have brought me successful results."


"Michelle is AMAZING!!! I saw many different electrologists in Austin before I found her. I immediately knew that she was the best. As an RN her office is very hygienic and serene. The type of electrolysis she uses is more effective. It takes fewer treatments to get results. Michelle is wonderful at shaping and following the natural hairline. I recommend her to all my friends and family."


"Hi! My name is Kim, and I have been going to CTPE for about a year now for very course, terminal facial hair. Before I began going to Michelle I was tweezing for at least 30 minutes every evening. I also suffered from ingrown hairs, even while using Vaniqua (a prescription cream which is very expensive and a temporary solution at best).

I really appreciate the professionalism that Michelle provides. She is passionate about her work and keeps abreast of current standards in her field. I couldn't be happier with my results, and I highly recommend her! (My only regret is that we didn't take a before and after picture so that you could see for yourself what a great electroyisist can do for you!!!)"


The following reviews are from the AT&T Yellow Pages:

Posted by gummibear7 on 10/13/2010
I've been to a variety of electrologists across many years and multiple states. I can't claim to be an expert but I am certainly an experienced patient. Michelle at CTPE takes the cake.

I've tried thermolysis and blend and my personal experience is blend is slower, more effective, and less painful. Michelle expertly offers this service in a relaxing, comfortable environment. She is easy to get along with while still having a professional, knowledgeable approach.

She has gone to great efforts to work with my schedule to be flexible and punctual. She has adapted her technique to my personal needs allowing for best comfort and maximum effect. A great example is I've found the upper lip a painful location for hair removal, but she adjusted the needle size mid-session causing painless insertion. I'm really happy to be able to say that because I can be a big baby with pain tolerance!

This sort of personal and professional concern for my safety and results has me happy to recommend her to potential clients looking to permanently get rid of unwanted hair.

Posted by agcorriv on 09/02/2010
I've been looking for a professional, effective and experienced electrologist since I moved to Austin and I finally found one!!! I've been living in several major cities and I can assure you that Michelle is even superior to the best electrologists I found both in SF and NYC.

I am truly pleased overall with her service from her fairly-priced treatments, her sterile high-tech equipment to her clean and welcoming office. Not only she's very friendly, making sure you're comfortable and relaxed, but she also takes time to explain thoroughly the procedure as well as address your concerns.

She is most definitely very skilled and knowledgeable about her profession. I would highly recommend Michelle Weeks to anyone looking for a permanent hair removal solution.

Posted by danorama on 11/07/2009
I live in San Antonio and drive two hours for my appointments with Michelle, but would not consider going anywhere else Michelle is so professional and my results have been wonderful. My mom is a 30-year CPE in another state, so I am well aware of quality electrolysis...Michelle provides high quality treatments in a clean and soothing environment. I have been a client for a year; my overall results - and fabulous eyebrows - are well worth the drive!

Posted by vmartin82 on 08/09/2009
CTPE is wonderful. I've been a client for almost 2 years. I've seen very good results so my last few visits have been for touch-ups only. Michelle is professional and keeps a very clean office. I highly recommend her.

Posted by Mychinychin on 07/24/2009
I have been a client of CTPE for almost 2 years. From the first time I spoke with Michelle I was impressed with her professionalism, and her indepth knowledge of eletrolysis and the different methods for hair removal. Her backgroud as a nurse give her a deeper understanding of the body's functions that impact hair growth. She has received the highest quality of training available in her field. She uses the blend method; it is the REAL THING. Don't waste your time on anything else. I hated all the plucking and embarrasment. I previously tried lazer treatments, creams and other methods of electrolysis but I am completely convinced that the blend is the most effective. I saw result after just 2 months and I have gone from weekly treatments to only 1 treatment every 5 weeks. The amount of time of my appointment is also much much shorter. Today I am more confident with my appearance. I no longer have to hide by chin and upper lip area with my hand.....because there there is no more hair !!!!!!! I am so happy. I recommend Michelle and CTPE to everyone.

Posted by msjackiev on 07/23/2009
Michelle does a great job and makes the time go by ! I'm hispanic and was very hairy and gladly am now less so !

Posted by plp4513 on 07/06/2009
I have been going to CTPE for the past two years, and I have seen a great improvement in the amount and thickness of the hair on my face. Michelle's use of the Blend method has definitely worked for me! Michelle is professional and careful to explain every facet of the process. She keeps current in techniques and products and strives to make me as comfortable as possible. She is always on time and so flexible in setting appointments that work with my schedule. I am so happy that I have found CTPE!

Posted by BPellett on 07/05/2009
Michelle is currently treating me and I am really pleased with the results. She is very knowledgeable and puts you at ease during each session. She took the time to educate me about hair growth and why Electrolysis works. She has always fully addressed any questions/concerns and was very interested in my comfort during and after each session. She also treated my husband and it was completely successful. We highly recommend her and her services. CP.

Posted by rendom on 07/02/2009
After moving here from Houston, I tried several people in Austin. I was lucky enough to find Michelle. I work in a hospital and I am incredibly critical. Michelle is very professional and sterile. I never had any concerns seeking her services. I even reffered my mother to her. You couldn't find a better electrologist.

Posted by CWilsonM1 on 07/02/2009
I have been going to Michelle for years. I love that she has a nursing background, keeps a pristine and comfortable office and continues to increase her knowledge through training on the latest techniques and equipment. My results have been excellent. Although the hair has been largely eliminated I drop in every couple of months to catch those stray hairs, since hair growth never truly stops. I get to set the pace for how fast or slow I want to work on the hair removal. Michelle keeps great hours so even when working full time I can find a convenient time for the appointment.

Posted by eprovinsal on 07/01/2009
LADIES, PUT YOUR TWEEZERS DOWN! I have used various electrolgists on and off for years, but CTPE is the first that has given me the results that I wanted. Previous problem areas of mine are no longer an issue in no small part because CTPE uses the latest in technology and stays up to date with the latest research in the industry. CTPE is clean, discreet, professional, personable, and effective - I couldn't ask for more. In fact, I have recommended CTPE to several friends and will continue to do so.

Posted by lollypop1234 on 07/01/2009
CTPE and Michelle are great. I have been to another electrolysis place in Austin and there is no comparison. Michelle is professional, has a very relaxing space and is ALWAYS on time. My treatment there has been very successful and I appreciate how she stays up on the state-of-the-art products and equipment. If you are new or experienced with this process, I think you will be very satisfied with CTPE.

Posted by rjst25 on 06/30/2009
I would highly recommend Central Texas Professional Electrolysis (CTPE) to anyone considering having electrolysis done. I've been to several other electrologists in the Austin area, and no one else provided me with such excellent results and customer care as Michelle at CTPE. She is a very caring, thorough professional, and her work is top notch. If you're considering electrolysis, go to CTPE--you won't be disappointed!

Posted by pennyj35 on 06/30/2009
Going to CTPE was the best thing I ever did for myself. I had already tried laser treatments and they did not work for me. I am very pleased with the results. Michelle has always explained everything carefully, and fully. Her nursing education and training means she is careful and kind. Thanks to CTPE I feel better about my appearance. Don't wait as long as I did to finally take care of "the problem."

Posted by CS2468 on 06/29/2009
When I started this treatment,I was using tweezers everyday for 30 minutes,plucking hair from my upper lip,chin and neck. The treatments were 30 minutes to an hour every 2 to 3 weeks and somewhat relaxing as Michelle was good company. She was upfront with the time frame and probable results. It has been 8 months since my last visit and there has been very few hairs that have appeared. I am very satisfied and I recommend both the procedure and Michelle.

Central Texas Professional Electrolysis can help you eliminate unwanted hair caused by PCOS and hirsutism

Electrolysis for PCOS & Hirsutism

PCOS affects 1 out of every 10 people with ovaries, many of whom go undiagnosed. For diagnosis and treatment of PCOS, you will need to see an endocrinologist (hormone specialist). For the unwanted hair, the solution is electrolysis.

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Have you been told you were not a good candidate for laser or ipl treatments due to your skintone? Electrolysis treatments at Central Texas Professional Electrolysis work for all colors of skin.

Electrolysis for Dark Skin

Dark skin is a challenge for some hair removal methods, but not for electrolysis. If you've heard that your skin tone means that you are not a candidate for hair removal treatments, then you need to speak to an electrologist.

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Hormonal fluctuations and changes can trigger unwanted hair growth. Luckily electrolysis hair removal treatments from Central Texas Professional Electrolysis can permanently eliminate those unwanted hairs

Electrolysis for Hormonal Changes

Hormones fluctuate due to age, pregnancy, medical conditions, and even some medications. These fluctuations can cause unwanted hair growth. Electrolysis can help.

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Electrolysis is nearly pain-free hair removal even on the most sensitive of areas.

Electrolysis for Sensitive Areas

The breast area is especially prone to ingrown hairs. Repeated tweezing , shaving, and the tendency to wear tight-fitting bras and other clothing over this area, can contribute to hairs being trapped beneath the skin. Electrolysis can safely and gently eliminate hairs in these sensitive areas.

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Central Texas Professional Electrolysis can help you eliminate unwanted hair caused by PCOS and hirsutism

Electrolysis for Coarse, Curly or Wavy Hair

Curly and coarse hairs are more prone to become ingrown or cause raised bumps on your skin. These types of hair are often associated with darker skin tones, resulting in fewer options for safe and effective hair removal. Fortunately, electrolysis - the only permanent hair-removal method - works on all skin tones and all types of hair.

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Nothing compares to the confidence you feel knowing that your unwanted hair is gone for good.

Electrolysis for Men

Some men just naturally have too much body hair for their own sense of style or their partner's aesthetic taste. If you're not someone who cheerfully puts up with a time-consuming hair maintenance routine, you've found the permanent hair removal solution for men: electrolysis.

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Central Texas Professional Electrolysis can give you a competitive edge by removing unwanted hair

Electrolysis for Athletes

Friction, chafing, tape - there are many reasons why athletes opt for hair-free skin. Electrolysis provides permanent hair removal, so you can spend less time shaving and more time training!

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